Too busy for cycles

February 11, 2007 at 12:45 am

I was in perimenopause for several years and had 4 doctors tell me to have a hysterectomy. One even said I couldn’t last one more month due to the heavy cycles. I told them that if I could not see doing that since there was probably just one little chemical out of whack. My mother was “elderly” and I moved her in with me. Bingo…no more cycles. So, “mind over matter” really does work!

As for SOY,be careful if you are Blood type O. I was eating soy cheese and started losing the vision in my left eye. I stopped and my vision returned in two days. Soy is good for some blood types, but not O. We get too much soy in other foods – such as salad dressings. Can you imagne if I had gone to a doctor? It would have started a downward spiral with tests and medications and no one would have blamed the soy!!