Tomorrow night is date night…

May 4, 2007 at 10:02 pm

Since this appears to be a full service site, maybe we should have a night where singles can get together. It would certainly be people who have a lot in common and understand each other. My ran out the month I got GBS and they automatically renewed it. You should have read the e-mail I sent them describing my condition in detail! They cancelled it..and they are not known for doing this. I joined a few years ago because I felt that you need to open doors for the Universe to answer your requests. My heading was:

Blue-eyed blonde with Native Heart seeks long-haired Native American to embrace the magic under the stars and to walk the sacred path together.
Medicine woman desires Spiritual Warrior.

I did it for a hoot, but got lots of replies…so many that I decided to meet at a beach bar in Tampa and scheduled them for every half hour. That didn’t work out….they didn’t want to leave. But if we had one thread where singles could post their interests, someone might make a connection or at least a good friend or phone pal. A lot of us have lost our friends from GBS.

As for doctors saying GBSers make a full recovery, I learned years ago not to believe them. That is why I went wholistic – not to be confused with ballistic!
When a doc said I had picked up fleas when I returned from backpacking through Europe…and it was actually SHINGLES…I gave up hope. The doc must have thought these so-called fleas were smart enough to come back each day and bite me in a pattern (hives). He even gave me a prsecription for flea powder!!!

Dr. Phil said that if you marry for money, you wind up earning every penny of it. We are all rich in ways other than money.