Tomorrow I Run!!!

May 26, 2010 at 5:23 pm

It’s not easy having your life turned upside down. Not knowing how things will turn out can be a frightening thing. Each part of this GBS journey has presented some tough challenges. Some days were filled with little hope.

A phone call yesterday reminded me that even during the worst of my days, small interventions kept me going to the hope of a better day. When I first was receiving therapy in the hospital, the PT’s found out that I was a runner….its seems that there was a PT there that said he could “will” a 7 minute mile….mind you, although he was in good shape, wasn’t even running. During this ongoing stage of physical therapy, I was getting worse and feeling pretty low. Needless to say this whole running thing took on a life of its own and provided me with some amusement to help with the bad times I was personally having. Well, push came to shove and a date was set that the PT would run his mile. It happened to be the day before I was to be discharged to the rehab facility. I arranged for my daughter to bring in an old running medal I had at home and gave it to my PTA, who would pin it on the PT after the mile run was over. The day I was to be discharged, the PTs all came up to my room and played a video of the entire event……it was so nice of them. (And no, he didn’t get his 7 minute mile, but did surprisingly well….youth has its advantages). The phone call last night was to invite me to run a mile tomorrow…..a sort of second annual “will the mile” run. There will be several running this year……the winner (we’re all winners) will receive the “Tom Fetterman” award……how cool is that???? Last week I laced up my shoes and started running again, so I will be participating, albeit in the slow group.

In the scheme of life, these words may not carry much meaning to the average person. But to me, as I look back on the last year, I begin to realize how fortunate I have been. I am wishing to others that are recovering from GBS that you find encouragement and the willingness to remain positive in your recovery. Have a beautiful day……

As for me…..tomorrow I run…..think I can “will” a 10 minute mile?