July 20, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Hi Smitty, thanks for the response. What I find the hardest dealing with this for over 7 years now is dealing with it day in and day out. As you probably know it’s hard for family and friends to understand as it’s not visible. I work hard at what I do but boy some days it’s really hard to keep going. One thing that has help with the pain and the emotions that go with it is homeopathic remedies, it’s really made a diffrence.

[QUOTE=smitty]Hello welcome to your GBS/CIDP forum family. You are not alone. We are all here for you. You are in my heart & in my prayers. I am 8+ years into CIDP. I too had C-5 C-6 fusion, but that was 15 years ago. My neck hurts like the dickens! And of course, all over hurts too! In recent yrs. several discs in my neck & lumbar have detierorated too. I take lyrica. I don’t know just how you feel, but I care! I do hope you read every post & thread & story here & ask as many questions as you can. So sorry you have this affliction.

Love, smitty[/QUOTE]