Today I Rode a Harley

July 16, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Hi everyone…….may good things be happening in your lives! I joked to someone recently that this is my year of “living dangerously”. They corrected me to say…”no, this is your year of living”. They knew that last July I was in a wheelchair and didn’t know if I would walk again. Thankfully I have recovered to about 95%, with the exception of tingly/numb feelings in my feet. (A small price to pay).

Two weeks ago I did something a bit out of character for me….I bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle………today I rode the Harley, along with several hundred other bikers around the Presque Isle peninsula in Erie, PA., as a part of Erie’s Roar on the Shore biking event. Talk about surreal experiences…….I couldn’t help but compare the despair of a year ago to the beauty and success of this day.

I believe it’s very important to not give up hope of becoming better. During difficult times our human nature often wants us to give up. Each of you has your own deeply personal struggle as you recover from GBS. Do your best to remain optimistic and focus on the long haul, not so much the short term. It is my continued wish that in time good things will happen……..who knows…..maybe you’ll be riding a Harley soon????? Take care……….