Today I Ran!!

September 3, 2011 at 10:41 am

Today I could hear and feel the sounds of nature all around me……the noise of my running shoes as they alternately pounded the pavement, the chirp of birds as they flitted from tree to tree, the wind blowing through the cornfield as I run by. All things I took for granted before GBS……..

It’s been over 2 years in the making….I can’t say for sure how many tries…4-5 maybe………when the GBS rubberband pulled me back to square one. But this time has been different. I’m going to make it this time! I remember the dark days when I couldn’t move, wondering what would happen. I did my bargaining and thought if only I could walk again…….

I don’t have the wisdom to know why some have better recoveries than others..I don’t deserve recovery any more than you..but I think that’s it’s about being the best we can be this day. Be positive and don’t give up hope that good things will continue to happen to you.:D