To Norb ~ Driving

October 11, 2007 at 12:12 pm

Hello Norb:

I saw in your note just above that you are not driving. Have you considered hand controls? I have very serious disability in legs, feet, hands, etc. and even very significant double vision from 6th cranial nerve demyelination and it all used to be even worse, but I was able to get my car equipped with the correct adaptive devices to get back behind the wheel. This includes prism lenses to correct the double vision for safe driving. The physical therapist who evaluated my needs, did driver training, etc. said that literally almost anyone with physical disability can be equipped with devices for driving. The feeling of regaining the freedom of driving is fantastic. I was not driving for many months. I can provide more details on how I got the hand controls, tec. if you are interested. I was just evaluated by California DMV, re-tested with driving test, etc and passed with flying colors.

Best regards,