To KTMJ from Jeff

September 4, 2009 at 11:13 am

Jeff, glad to know you.
In answer to some of your questions, (I hope),… when my regular neuro was at a loss, and at my wifes, more than mine, adamant insistence, he decided to send me to a Neuromuscular Disease Center affiliated with UIC Med Center in Chicago. These folks had me take a special EMG administered by 2 doctors who’s specialty was this test only & it’s interpretation.

During the administration of the EMG, interactive questions were asked by the 2 doctors each time a reading was obtained. This was to clarify or to confirm the readings as they were obtained. I found it impressive, that they could take a reading, and then say something like, “you are having problems with grip in your left hand with the last 2 fingers being worse than the rest. When they got to my legs, after the first 2 needles, they said your legs are NOT happy & it’s chronic. They kept my wife in the room through the whole test & asked her questions and asked if she agreed with the answers I gave from time to time in order to get a more objective picture. What I guess I’m saying here is that these neuromuscular dr.s seemed to know their stuff.

In regards to motor issues, (atrophy and weakness)… All of my doctors seem surprised at my continued ability to maintain muscle strength & very minor muscle atrophy. My issue has not been strength, but rather, stamina. (No endurance, with a long rest needed in between).

Balance issues for me are persistent. Would not even think about driving a car. Also, some days are worse around the house than others & it takes very little to set it off. Some days aren’t as bad.

I, like you, have bouts of muscle fasculations, (Twitching). Brushing my teeth, & shaving often makes my face numb.

Don’t give up Jeff, Keep searching, & good luck to you.

JJM Jeff