to kat

February 11, 2008 at 6:47 pm

there are several people that the emg/ncv and spinal tap are normal but still after ruling out everything else that it could possibly be do have CIDP. The fact that the pain you have with fibro and CIDP are both debilitating to the person who has it and the pain can be all over as the exhaustion and fatigue in both that is the similarity yet when I explain to people what CIDP is I explain it similar to MS but it is peripheral nerves not central and that helps. Many of my friends knew I had been diagnosed with fibro and looked it up and when they found out I had CIDP they looked it up and their comparison of the two were the pain and the fatigue which is true from either disease. If you have 11 of the 18 trigger points you are diagnosed with Fibro so there are things to test for that as well as well as different medications that help but no cure as with CIDP. So yes there are similarities. Neither are fun to ave and are very hard on your body. I’ll tell you this much taking teenage boys and husband to Orlando for a week about killed me and I missed half because of the fibro because of the exhaustion. lol You need sleep for both when you are tired which is alot of the time for me but in some ways there are alot of similarities between the two including one drug they just approved for fibro but some doc had tried it before and that is Lyrica. They gave it to me for both the CIDP and Fibro but unfortunately it made me sick and I cannot take it.