To Flossie

June 29, 2007 at 10:44 pm


Thank you for your encouragement. My IVIG infusions really did help me,
however, my new doctor said they weren’t stopping the progression. I
have read a lot about the side effects…my first doctor had me on Predi.
for one month only…then I was off. I went to the new doctor and every-
thing went down hill…unlike IVIG, where I never got weak, fell, or could not
hold my urine, couldn’t even move my body. I wish there were something
to stop this…I had lost my taste, to every food.

Now, I’m going holistic…Chinese herbs. Eating healthy with whole foods, by
Paul Pitchford, $35.00, talks about lack of b-12, spirulina, foods to stay
away from, etc. I hope it works…I use to be so active, then in my 40’s
my foot dropped, then I walked with a wheelchair, now I don’t leave my
house, except to go to the food store with my sister. It’s such a stupid
disease, I’d rather have something that could be cured.

I won’t go PE for anything, too intense…but steroids shut your body down
and that is dangerous. Spirulina gives you anti-inflammatory protection
from natural sources and builds the immune system…I also take a Probiotic
for flora in the intestines for absorbtion…steroids do not allow you to
absorb most nutrients from food. They are synthetic, not natural.

This forum is great to see the different results from each case. I’m stopping
the Predi. cold turkey, my body cannot tolerate it.

Miami Girl