To Caryn

November 15, 2007 at 4:06 pm

My dad passed away September 27th after a 3 year battle with strokes and diabetes. On October 13th on the way home from the memorial service my sister was involved in a traffic accident leaving her in a coma, her husband dead, her 14 year old daughter dead and her 4 year old in a car seat without a scratch. I definitly feel your pain. I know there are a lot of ” I’m sorry”, and “let me know if I can help” and those that just don’t know what to say. When you are faced with all this stress and emotion and your physicall ability needs to be at its peak and its not it is impossible to know what to do.

Take a few minutes every day for yourself. Take a bath (with bubbles!), watch a movie, do something to clear your head for at least 5 minutes. Know that you have a world of support here. Even though you think it is too late for prayers I will still pray for you to have strength and emotional stability. Hang in there and I promise you it does get better.