To Bluebonnet

August 24, 2007 at 4:12 pm

Hi, I dont mind you asking. My sural nerve biopsy is going to join all my other recent tests and mri, where my new Neurologist hopes to find exactly what I do have. I had first been dx with GBS, but once I joined in this forum, I knew it had to be CIDP> My Neuro at that time said we will see, and then he was gone. I bounched around with two other Neuros and now I am with a Neuro who is about 6o miles away.
Anyway I gimped and fell and broke my ankle before I went to a Dr. That was from Aug 05 to June 06. I then started imediately with IVIG (three) and spent16 days in hosp. in intensive physical therapy and OP> The top of my legs gained all their strenth back and the bottoms stayed the same and drop foot in both. This Dr. wants to get the DX and treatment right. She is leaning hard to IVIG again. I have not had one since May and I am finding my nerves are not working so well–loosing control of bladder and more numbness in my fingers. SO, if I were you I would stay with the IVIG and meds. Oh, I am also on Lyrica 200mg twice a day and Cymbalta 60 mg 2 a day. Cymbalta also helps keep the depression away. I am so gabby, sorry!! Regina