To be blunt? Pain is often better than NO pain…

July 5, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Why? Because you still have some nerves alive! IF you have NO pain? It means either it’s not affecting nerves OR your nerves are DEAD. Which is why I’ve learned what little there is to know about ‘pain, pain definitions, pain diagnosis, and pain treatments’. Pain, in and of itself is NOT clearly defined, outside of those ‘happy-face’ charts. Definitions are even more vague, definitions vaguer still, and treatments are a BIG BUSINESS. BTW? I don’t do happy-face charts, they are meaningless in MHO.
Do research on ‘how nerves die’ and ‘how nerves regenerate’ and wade thru a lot on slugs, worms and toads or the like before you find any real research on HUMANS! Very, very little.
Still, I have pain, yes, but AT LEAST I have PAIN! To me? That means there is hope in the future ‘fixing’ of that pain. Since my onset? It’s gone from horrid to simply being as if I’m attached or plugged into a low voltage outlet. As long as it’s low voltage? I can and have gotten used to it. Don’t forget? Pain is VERY subjective… How you describe a pain, mite not be how I describe it. This goes part and parcel with the difficulties of our getting diagnosed? HOW DO DOCS ASSESS PAIN? What are their standards? Do we know? We are constantly like blind people fumbling around in the dark for orientation. Somehow we don’t fall, let’s not even think of falling!