To add to Dawn’s comments?

January 20, 2010 at 7:41 pm

Sometimes, IF you are lucky enuf to get an LP from the get go? And it shows nothing? The same goes for EMG’s and NCV’s as well. Testing a few months [6-12 months] later on can actually show a conclusive change. Tho I’d not had the LP at first? My nerve conduction tests went DOWHILL. To be confirmed by further bloodwork and LP.
As for fearing it? WEB IT UP! Doc’s instructions were only for prep and not for the follow-up. Good thing I’d webbed it up! I knew what to expect and what not to. And, what problems could occur and when to call the doc’s office if something went off during the following day or so. It’s not a matter of fearing it? More a matter of learning what is going to happen to you, why and if any little thing goes wrong? How to ask about what mite be wrong. Knowing is power over fear. And this IS an invasive procedure. But if you go in wise, and ask hard questions? Well, you are gonna get better results w/far less stress than otherwise.
Granted tho? It does feel at times as if someone’s thwocked you in your back! So go lie down and just sleep it all off!
Hope this helps. And ‘good’ results? Not that I wish this on anyone, but just enuf ‘results’ to get YOU somewhere!