Tme Many ways of walking

July 28, 2008 at 2:39 am

When I was first diagnosed in 2000 with CIDP I was using a walker-have to say it was a balance thing too. Through the years I have progressed up to a cane. Depending on my balance, I have a great fold up cane that I keep right by my front door and use it as needed. My friends have encouraged me to use a scooter at the grocery store, etc, but I have always replied that as long as my legs are ok, I am going to keep walking. And there are somedays I either hurt too much or am too tired after my ivig that I just don’t walk outside my home at all. But to honestly answer your question my neuro and I feel that the Prednisone, Neurontin, Imuran, and later, the ivig, have helped me to not progress quicker to being wheel chair bound. Trying to stay as independent as I can. When I do walk, I will tell you, that by the time I return home, the backs of my legs are on fire from the pain. And when you ask any neuro length of time before you’ll be wheel chair bound, he will not give you a direct answe( I tried ), because he really doesn’y know-each of us are so different. Emma