Tired/tired/and plain sick and tired

April 16, 2008 at 7:51 pm


I know what you mean…I’ve always have been active, and this curve ball thrown at me has taken its toll emotionally……
I see you are from Rochester, perhaps you need to get out and smell the roses…Literally…! Sounds like a trip to an arboretum, greenhouse, or something you enjoy that doesn’t demand physical stress may help….I’ve been couped up in our house for pretty much 5 months, and only the last couple days has it been nice enough to go outside and enjoy some sunshine….Its finally got in the 60’s today, a week ago was the start of a blizzard! ick….
As for the physical part of your problem, keep getting that sleep during the day… I know i learned the hard way to rest… Keep after those doctors/ get referals for specialists/ whatever it takes till you get the treatment or diagnosis to make you better…..Are you doing any kind of therapy to guage progress good or bad..
I’m sure things will get better…take care deano