March 19, 2008 at 10:56 am

[QUOTE=LamekaG]I have had a hissing sound in my ear for about a year now. [/QUOTE]

Hi Lameka
I am glad you posted this thread because I have wondered about the same thing myself. I have a type of ringing in my ears. It seems more prevelant in the right ear than the left ear, and sometimes it seems to go away and other times it is quite loud. I wondered whether there was any connection with the MGUS I have and I did some research on the internet, but could not find anything conclusive. I asked my family doctor about it but got the usual answer…a shrug and a dumb look.
Last week I was doing research into proprioceptors which are the nerves that are affected by loss of myelin and result in loss of balance and sensation. I noticed in some literature that there are proprioceptors in the inner ears which assist in the balance mechanism (feet+ears+eye sight). I wonder whether these nerves in the ears are also affected. One article talked about the messages going to propriocetors which activate muscles and if in a disturbed state can cause tremors and shaking. Example is a cat purring although this is apparently the only tremor with sound. Nevertheless, I wonder whether the proprioceptors in the inner ears can go into a high speed type of vibration (tremor) which leads to the tinitus, or “ringing in the ears”.
It will be interesting to [B]hear[/B] (no pun intended) if there are other ideas.