tingling finger from sleep

July 15, 2008 at 5:17 pm

Hi Julie,

Great news that things are on the turn around for you!

I believe what your doctor has told you about the last two fingers of each hand has some value to it. I sleep the same way with my arms bent as far as they go. The outer two finger of both hands on to a lesser extent the others. It is very difficult to change you sleeping position. What I do is when I wake or roll over, fall back asleep reset you arms everything so they are straight. Do it every time you wake up and eventually and hopefully you’ll get more straight arm time than bent arm time. It takes weeks and months, but the hands feel better overall throughout the day.

Also take your time with the rehab. It may take you alot of visits but don’t get discouraged. I did rehab from June 07 right through June 08, three times a week and at home and have only increased toe raises by 5 or 6 reps. Progress may be slow and sometimes you’ll feel like your going backwards, but with hard work and help from above, We all know that you’ll build it back up.

My CIDP has somewhat become indolent. But for a while there I was very weak and was wiped out after 20 minutes of activity. Now that your treatment plan has it turned around. you will get better. Good luck and thanks for the doctors name at JH. they are sending me the info package.