thymus–not thyroid

March 9, 2011 at 9:39 pm

thank you for the insight 🙂 yes it is my thymus–I am 47 so should not need it at this point in my life. Dawn–possibly it was not recommended for kevin due to his young age and his thymus still making necessary antibodies??? the thymus has a lot to do with our neuro muscular junction AND it creates antibodies. In my case, my thymus is larger than an average person my age and has some thymic tissue. if it werent for the neuromuscular symptoms then it would never have been discovered. I have no other thymus symptoms. My primary care dr said if it were him and he was my age he would have it out. Its a gamble it could do absolutely nothing or it could stop the abnormal antibody production??? I am awaiting a date to fly to Mayo in Rochester for an appt. with Dr Dyck. I will wait to see what his opinion is before having it out. Thymectomys now are much less invasive than years ago, they can be done with a tiny incision and scope instead of the old way of breaking the breastbone, etc. Dawn i had read some of your older posts on the thymus—could tell you had been researching this subject too : ) Lori