Thought you would enjoy these!

May 6, 2009 at 6:29 am

Thanks Ken, Cheryl and Perry! I was in my kitchen and had the bath water running still dressed while they were pulling their sneakies! When I got to the door I had to very quietly run and go grab the camera. When we first got our cats they were all abandoned kittens that we ended up taking in and adopting. Seems like once a year a newbie comes along. Every now and then I get lucky and find one a home. But before they get to roam in my house they have to get a flea bath. Bathing kittens is a challenge. You have to be dressed and get in the tub with them with clothes on so you won’t get clawed to death and reassure them it’s going to be okay. So now I have all these cats that love getting a bath except 2. If I leave my bathroom door open while bathing they come right on in and jump in the tub with me. LOL! Thinkiing it’s bath time. I got a bunch of big babies in my house that think they are all human. Gets funny catching them in the acts sometimes. There will be more of thing like these as time goes by.
But thank-you for the compliments. But Ken you alway’s get the most beautiful. I guess mine will be the comical~ Hugs
Linda H