Tho I wouldn’t bet on it?

January 3, 2010 at 8:37 pm

I’d guess that it’s ‘another step’. Why it makes diagnosing us already diagnosed and w/other issues at times so complicated.
I bring I very ‘tight’ one page summary of my medical history to each new doc I see, and updates for any other doc visits. It’s all on one page and jam-packed! The first five lines are ‘medical history’ mostly for the last 10 years. I LOVE to watch a new doc’s eyebrows when scanning this page? I’ve not been turned down as a patient yet? But, [B]they[B][/B][/B] now know ahead of time that I’m NOT a ‘simple’ case from all quarters. [BTW? I had to ‘shrink the print’ to get it all to fit on ONE page – we all know how long attention spans are for some medicos? And the print isn’t soo small it can’t be read? But close enuf to get professional ‘attention’. Go figger?]
Getting new neuropathy wrinkles is not unknown. Key here is a] catching possible problems in time and b] getting all the help and sorting out you need to deal with issues promptly! Far easier said than done however.
Find your work/health balance. It’s sort of like learning or re-learning your balance all over again? You will need to fine tune it a bit, but you’ll find what you can do best! Hope and faith!