This was too long to be away….

May 17, 2006 at 11:11 pm

Hi Lee,

Thanks for all the posts that help answer some of the questions with the new forum. I don’t feel so lost with you posting and giving directions. I sure appreciate it.

Thank heaven the forums are back on line. I really missed them. I don’t post as much, but I do stop in for support and listening.

I tried that avatar bit too. I got my picture down to 100X100 pixels and now it is just sitting there on my profile. Oh well, they will get that part fixed sometime soon I hope.

It feels strange to be starting all over again. I read your post to the hacker and I loved it. I have some other ideas of what to do with these idiots, as I am sure most everyone has their own little torture in mind.

Take care and Good Luck to us all.