This tread is great

June 15, 2006 at 8:52 am

Thankfully, I am not needing my assistance devices much anymore, since moving to IVIG 3day/3weeks:) . I have found many things already mentioned: AFO, shower seat, handheld shower head, rollator (I”m guessing that is my walker with seat, basket and brakes), liquid soap,sit and shops at grocery and wal-mart, and shopping carts at other stores.

I must say, now that my daughter is nearly three, she is a great help around the house. She always tried before but the day she opened the fridge and brought me a Pepsi I was ellated 😀 . She also has many toys that have become very useful for me. She has a “Princess Tea Cart” that is great for collecting things that are out of place. I have become the master of “high stacking” and then deliver things to the appropriate room to put them away. I always ended up on he floor to pick up her toys and so began pushingthat along as I crawled on my knees. Being closer to the ground my balance was better and if I did fall it was not too far down or up.

As for the kitchen, I must admit, the Pampered Chef (for whom I’m a consultant) has many great tools that most people think are good. I think they are great as those who have good strength in the hands and fingers dont’ realize how important these tools are. We have two jar openers. My favorite is the Easy Opener. It opens 2 liter bottles, pop cans, pop top bottles, and also has a devise to break seals on jars. The thing is, that it also helps me open jars that have been opened before. You simply place it on the lid and raise it up, it loosens the lids like magic. The best part is that it has a magnet on the back so is always on the fridge waiting to be used. For $3.75 it can’t be beat (with a 1 year warranty). There are several other items in the Pampered Chef line that I love as well especially since my hands don’t work like they used to. I dont’ want you to think I’m just trying to sell stuff, as I can actually get in trouble for placing a link to my site from other sites but I know how helpful these things have been. You can look at the items on my website (Link deleted by administration)
Some other items of interest besides the easy opener #2590, is the I-slice #2995 $3.75 to cut paper, bags, cellophane wraps, etc. and the Handy Scraper #1615 $5.75 to pick up the food that I have chopped and need to get off my cutting board.

Ok, one last thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is rx bottles. I told my pharmacist that I need to the NON CHILDPROOF lids. I now get lids on most bottles that are either. I love them as they have the deep side for child resistant and allows me to open all my bottles and put required amount into one lid then pick it up and pour them into my hand for easy taking. Ask your pharmacist if they have the lids and start using them for you.

Oh, I can’t forget all the goodies I got while in the rehab unit before my dx. They had a sock-aid that is like trifold and has long strings on it. You feed your sock onto it then grab the strings and put your foot into the aid. You then pull the strings up and it slides the sock onto your foot. Alos the shoe horn for giants. Not really but it is like 3 foot long, thus I didn’t have to bend over to try and force my shoe on, especially whn wearing my AFO for foot drop.

OK I”M DONE. Hope al lthis helps.