this is wonderful

December 25, 2010 at 8:59 pm

hey rodger

I’m a musician with gbs too. While I mainly play music where dissonance is the prime focus, I hope that playing ac/dc, ramones, neil young, etc. covers counts in your books.

Your message to keep playing (and fighting) even from a chair is inspiring! Your playing and singing sound tight! I just bought a glass slide to mess around with open tunings, however it would be hard to match the beautiful tone you get out of that dobro.

I would very much like to chat with you about how you persevere and continue to climb on to the stage:)

I invite you to please listen to some of my ‘recovery’ tunes. My favourite is my latest called ‘my babbling gbs’. All me except for the drum loop and yes I do admit to those vocals.


Aside from the impact this bastard of a sickness had on my family, losing the ability to make music was the hardest to take. However, even when I was near paralysis I played my djembe for as long as I could most days. It was a great way to vent out gbs frustrations while doing something musical.

Cheers for the great story and video!