THIS is NOT something to be ignored!

December 30, 2009 at 9:03 pm

Get thee to an emergency room or to a pulmonary doctor! GBS and CIDP can and DO affect the respiratory functions!!!! This is what you’ve been experiencing. While it could be something other than CIDP, It mite just be a new dimension to your CIDP! And this is one with really serious potential consequences in the long run!
Because we are approaching a ‘holiday’ tho? Contact your GP and throw it into their court! As we all know, not much gets done other than blood work over a ‘holiday weekend’. And it always seems as if we get problems just then! Durn it! [And, many other words not fit to print]
Get a little peace of mind and call tomorrow morning and get the medical MILL rolling in your favor! Being proactive NOW is far better than coming in unconscious? Docs will know that you have been having problems and can zero in better on the tests to be done ASAP. Whatever that, for now? Promise that you won’t panic? I know you want to? But save your energy and let the ‘pros’ do the worrying’.
Heaps of hugs and hope for the interim tho…and DO keep us all up to date on what is happening!