This is INTERESTING! Remission?

February 3, 2010 at 8:59 pm

About 5 years ago I found many sites on this issue, they’ve since disappeared, but…I thought that the ‘school of thought’ was that there wasn’t a relapsing/remission syndrome per-se for CIDP? More like the ‘inflammatory responses were less “active”‘. As A result of this all, the more variations of CIDP have been diagnosed, but, treatment options are still the same.
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Face it, there are a LOT of neuro issues out there!
IF my readings of MS which also has had ‘relapsing/remitting’ versions’? The docs there are also re-thinking the ‘processeses’ by which we are affected then maybe re-affected.
While any one of us can have FLARE-UPS? I am not surprised, I had some subtle ones that lead to disaster this past year. By ‘subtle’? I mean things, actions/reactions happened slowly then faster…..Took about 4 months but? Not one outside new issue seemed to be a contributor! For reasons? One can only guess, and nothing can be proved-ergo…it is a ‘trend’ not a cause or reason.
Before last spring? I’d almost felt ‘normal’ aside from residual pain.. I was active, and out and about on my own. Now, I am not. At times? I actually fear to be out on my own! Caution is my valor or something…..
I have never been ‘pain free’ since onset. I do feel better after infusions? But still not ‘normal’ by any means.
THAT is something I wish for one and all here! It can and will happen in our lifetimes I believe. As we have witnessed thru others? This CAN happen before we are too old to appreciate it! Good things to all and hope as well!