This is a very good resource

March 24, 2008 at 11:34 am

The info in it is excellent and many of the staff either use IVIG or have kids who do. They are very sensitive to what our concerns are all about.
While I’ve not had to ask, I know of others who have had IVIG access and other issues and the staff has been enormously helpful to them in getting the good stuff.
They have answered many questions [the weird kind?] that I have had and I know they’ve answered those of many others.
To me? The best part is you can get the WHOLE magazine ‘on-line’…no paper!
They also have lots of good reference sources [most known to all here].
I appreciate that we are also part of a much larger immune-compromised community. We really aren’t as alone or ‘out-there’ at times than we think!
Good thoughts to all!