this is a good topic!

August 16, 2008 at 1:36 pm

since being diagnosed in the spring of 2006, i have had three picc lines, a temp & perm cannon catheter for PPE, & two cardiac surgeries for tx of SVT. one picc line was only placed during my hospitalization, so it did not get infected nor did the temp PPE catheter (used for 5 tx’s).
however, two picc lines that i have had placed for my weekly ivig both became infected in a realatively short amt. of time. the first infection became systemic and i felt like death. the cannon catheter for PPE lasted for a month before it had became septic within the line and had to be pulled. so, it seems to me that my body does not like synthetic substances within it. i was very diligent about site care and keeping the site dry.
i also did not fair well either time after having cardiac ablations. i’m not sure how to explain my bodies response after both ablations, it was anything but normal.
anyhow, those are my experiences.