Third party candidate

July 9, 2007 at 12:18 am

You know. I think you might be right. It’s a darn shame when the american public is shackled by big time politics because there doesent seem to be a candidate that can win the major political parties nomination because of the way the political game is played. For instance, there are many that like John McCain, but he isnt a real politician and refuses money from interest groups that he feels will compromise his reputation. That includes money from Indian tribes that have casinos. I definitely do not agree with that stance, but I can respect his integrity.

It looks like the successful presidential candidate will have to raise in excess of 400 million. That pretty much rules out an independant campaign, since the major parties, right or wrong control most of the major contributors.

Another one in the mix that I am kind of impressed by is Fred Thompson.

What do y’all think.

Then there is always Chris Rock. LOL:p