Think I might ask for that Carbocaine

October 7, 2008 at 6:31 pm

Hmm! I wrote this down about the Carbocaine. Might see when I go to the dentist to give me that instead and see how that works out. I know the last novacaine they gave me which I actually think he said Lidocaine and want to ask him next time caused my heart to race and it took me several minutes for it to calm down. It could have been nerves too for like I said.. I get all white and pale when I see those needles coming towards my mouth. LOL! I have been scared of dentist ever since my mom took me to a bad dentist. I was getting braces back then as a teen and they had to pulled two teeth. He gave me the shots in my mouth and left the room. By the time he came back in the numbness wore off. Told him I could feel things and he told me that I shouldn’t and it was too early for numbness to wear off. Well he got one tooth pulled and I jumped two feet out of that chair with a yelping hollow! Not to mention I bit my dentist pretty bad. I refused him pulling the other tooth. My mom ended up taking me to another dentist and told me this man was really good. I was frightened! LOL! This dentist let my mother come in the room with me. He gave me two shots and sat in the room with us and kept asking me how I felt. I think my mom talked with him before we came in there and he knew I was scared to death. But the second tooth did great getting pulled. But still every time I have to see a dentist and get a tooth pulled, I get petrified! Childhood thing I guess!