things have changed

July 12, 2007 at 3:06 pm

I took my neurologists advice (as usual) and talked to my pain managment doctor and told him my reservations about all of this. He advised me to not take the discogram until it was 100% surgery time and if I even needed it then well ok. My neuro got me in to see a Neuro and Spine Surgeon that he said was the best available . I took my MRI disc and laptop and had it set up for him when he came in to save time. He still wanted X-Ray’s . He thinks intensive PT,of several types, he actually called a PT in there and showed her what he wanted to work on. He wants me to be as far away from my GBS in time as possible, before we even think about surgery. It seems I was born with a problem in my spine thats grown to cause problems. My sacrum has moved forward 1/2″ and there are 4 discs above that have paid a price over the years.
As for my finger nails??? the only time I’ve had finger nails is when I was paralized in the CCU back in October (nail biter). My hands get numb and tingle and itch and burn , my feet do the same thing. Sometimes it’s just one and other times it’s all four.I can’t stand or sit upright for any length of time at all. If I’m sitting I have to shift from one side to the other and the same with standing. I have a foot drag that just happens at times and my balance is semi crossing the yellow line if you understand that. If I’m walking down a long hall I usually have to stop and put my back on the wall and extend my feet out to get relief.
I start the PT Tuesday and it is in a brand new building they are moving into Friday. One good thing is (she’s kinda cute and it could have been a guy named Ahnold) lol. I’m willing to do anything to get better . It’s kinda like when I was working as a Diesel Mechanic , in order to repair something you always start with the less invasive and easiest thing before doing a total overhaul. Start trying to fix the small things first and see if it helps.
Once again THANKS