Things for dosages vary and vary widely!

September 6, 2009 at 8:13 pm

It ‘depends’ on any given doctor’s philosophy and approach to thryroid issues.
I had had a very ‘dying’ thyroid for years prior to getting my own CIDP. Less than six months into the ‘CIDP’ at the time not yet diagnosed, my thyroid crashed. I made it into one of those emergency medical ‘pods’ as their last patient [and one that took the longest?] Turned out There was little TSH to detect at all in that one test! My toes were like Polish sausages and my feet & hands had swollen at least 3 times their normal size. Super swollen, hot and burning. UGLY!
Since I’d been diagnosed w/hypothyroid over a decade ago, I went up and down the dosage scale for about two years before finding a happy medium. That changed once during a decade when I’d developed the proverbial ‘goiter’. Got a biopsy and was told all OK but it wasn’t. It DOES really take about 6 weeks on any given dose to ‘see’ if numbers are getting into sync. Be patient. It can require lots of adjustments…up or down. My Thyroid med#’s have gone up from 50 to 150 and down over the last 15 years and if my docs aren’t watching it like I make SURE to question it all! IF they miss it? I am the one who suffers!

A trip to the radiology place five years ago saved me a LOT of later pain? In that they were going to destroy old x-ray and sonogram records of mine as ‘old’ I asked IF I could keep them? And, was told yes, I could, and it was one fortunate incident. Two 1/2 years ago, thyroid #’s started to vary oddly and I was referred to an endo. A new sono was ordered, BUT I had copies of the old tests and biopsy results. And the endo could COMPARE! [And, I didn’t have to have a new biopsy?-AH] In the basest of language? Years ago I had a pretty ‘yukky’ looking thyroid, NOW ONE VERY ‘yukky’ one! I had progressed from hypo to Hashimoto’s-essentially a dead thyroid. BTW? Over the dacade plus, I’ve been as low as ’50’ up to ‘150’ on the synthroid. I’m not that high now, and likely should have it increased? We shall see.

Take a look at thyroid and immune system interactions! I do believe there is a connection? But, the research done to date usually is about single medical issues – not about multiples, nor, interconnected ones, nor ones that cause other ones! That the thyroid crashed shortly after ‘getting’ CIDP? Maybe I was lucky or maybe things were happening all over my body! I have learned that one has to be educated and curious about any and ALL diagnosed problems, and then look for the connections if they are there. Most doctors and researchers do not KNOW how things from one body system affect/effect other systems. Learn all the ins and outs of it all, it can boggle the mind, but only YOU are your own best ‘detective!’ The internet is a wonderful tool IF you use it wisely -never say: Learned it on the ‘net’? Say instead: Saw a paper from the NIH about…..X & Y & Z…. What does it mean? Bet, you’ll get a ‘duh’ or change of subject. IF a doc poo-poohs the NIH? Well, I’d change them fast!

Doctors usually tend to be slow and cautious, as Ninus wrote-rightfully so, with this issue; unless the ‘some’ who diagnose us with the ‘ALL IN THE HEAD’ stuffs. ‘head docs’? Those I avoid at all costs. Second opinions are far cheaper to get…just say ‘you didn’t communicate well w/Dr X’, or want another opinion about it all. In the end, if nothing else, it’s a good way to interview docs?
I always ‘just wonder’ that IF, IF I’d been tested for all the right things by a doc who I won’t mention ever…. I would not be in this position! I am working at least for it not ever going to happen again to me or to others! Second opinions are cheap if you have the insurance and it could/might just save your life!

One thing else? Mark brought up the ‘calcium’ thing? Go web up your ‘thyroid prescribing information’! You [B]CANNOT![B][/B][/B] just take many meds together – thyroid meds are one of them!!!!! I cannot underscore this enough as you can cancel out what good each med does! Ergo? Taking one med, set a timer for the next, and for supplements the next? Usually an hour apart is good? But it makes taking meds become one ALL DAY chore at times.
Sigh? BTW? Synthroid and calcium are not compatable to take together, and that means your multi-vite w/the synthroid! It IS all in that prescribing FINE print.

PM Me for a heap of web sites I’ve got on thyroid [if they are still active?]a lot of them are good.

Keep faith and don’t give in!