Things are not doing to good!

January 21, 2009 at 1:53 am

Hi family! We got to the hotel last night and I am so glad we did for we got a nasty snow in my area. It was brutally cold too! 4 in the morning scraping ice off the windshield. And last night my mom felt sick. I think it was her nerves acting up.
Her surgery was a success! But the hospital that I HATE! After giving them her medication list 3 times and telling them what she is ALLERGIC to Morphine and Reglan 3 times screwed up! My mom is allergic to morphine and reglan
along with Codiene types of drugs.
They brought her in a room but we had to wait until they set her up. She apparently was feeling sick and they gave her reglan and placed her on a morphine pump. Plus they said her sugar was super high and gave her insulin for diabetes. My mom has never tested positive for diabetes.

My mom’s blood pressue bottomed out and her oxygen level dropped and I went into her room after they set her up with me and my sister while they left the room and I had no idea what they gave her. She was getting bad off! I am just getting home after a long cold miserable day and will be only getting 4 hours of sleep to go back and relieve my sister in the morning.

I told the nurse my mom felt sick! And the nurse tells me that they just gave her Reglan and her Insulin and now have her on Morphine for pain. I freaked
out on the nurse and told her that my mother was allergic to Reglan and that she only can take Phenergan. And then I tell her my mom has never had to
take insulin before and never has had diabetes and did they just find out
she was diabetic.
So the nurse comes in the room. And then leaves and the next thing we know they are working on my mom! A whole staff kicks us out of the room and they are working on my mom!
I wanted answers! They messed up her RX list and did a typing error on her medications. So I had to come home and pick up her meds so they could correct the error they made. In the meantime my mom is really bad off! They moved her to ICU! We have to wait it out now! They took her off the Morphine and gave her something to reverse the side effects and have given her phenergan to stop the vomiting.
I went to the Charge Nurse and slapped my Power of Attorney on her desk and was very professional about what happened but deep inside I am super hot! I filed 3 complaints against the hospital tonight and showed them that I am her POA in regards to Health matters! Giving me rights to her records and rights to complain and any other legal issues. Told them they better get my mother straightened out!
When I left her blood pressure had gone up some and they have her on oxygen now to raise the levels up. She is now running a 103 fever. The team in ICU is really watching her good. I hope nothing happens to her!
The nurse that gave her these meds was going by a typed error medication list. And my mom does not take insulin. They did blood work again to recheck
for diabetes and are going to investigate the matter in whom typed the errors.
This morning before she went for surgery I kissed her forehead and told her I loved her! Then she looked at me and the way she looked at me there were tears in her eyes like she was telling me goodbye and she loved me too! She
grabbed my hand and held it and was getting choky with tears. And it gave me a bad feeling. I cried then too but never expected something like this to happen.
I was going to be the one staying with her tonight but got so upset and can’t stop crying. Andy had to come pick me up and my sister demanded I come home and rest. After having my father die in my arms 6 1/2 years ago that tore me up! I just can’t be in the same room and have another parent die in my arms! My sister saw me fall apart tonight. So she felt it best I come home tonight. But I can’t sleep for I fear the worst. I pray tomorrow that when I go back in I am stronger than I am right now. And am so afraid that she may too die in my arms! I am so afraid the phone is going to ring tonight with bad news.
We gave that list of meds and allergy’s 3 times. How could this have happened? I don’t know what happened. But somebody that was doing the paperwork on my mom typed in the wrong things and now my mom’s life is hanging by a thread. I actually saw this typed list and it had her taking Zanax every other day when she takes it every night. Insulin dosage and she is not on Insulin. She can’t take any Codiene types of drugs and yet they typed it in as medications she could take. All her allergies were listed as she could take. The whole list was totally screwed up. The nurse argued with me about her meds and said that was the list they were given. And I wanted to know where that list came from. I had to tear my moms medicine cabinet at her home this evening gathering her list I had that I found in her purse and then go through all her paperwork grabbing that POA trying to save my mom’s life tonight. When I showed them the list that was in her purse the nurse told me that could be an old list and they are going by what they had been given on their computers.
Lets just say we had an nasty arguement with that hospital and I demanded they contact her regular doctor and get those meds he had at his office. He never showed up but did call and confirmed that her list she gave them was indeed correct. So this hospital had some stupid dum…. type her medication list wrong and we still don’t know where the insulin came from for she is not taking insulin. I am mad as you know what right now! I even wanted her moved out of that hospital but the doctor that was there on call told me that they can’t move her right now until she gets stable. And said it would be best if they work on her since they know what the problem is. And I am saying to myself that they are going to end up killing my mom!
Family! I need some strong prayers tonight and the next few days! Pray that my mom gets better. Please let my mom get better!
I know one thing! I am contacting the Medical Board tomorrow and will be contacting whom I can over this one! That stupid place is not going to get away with this. How could this have happened? I don’t understand what happened!
Right now I am a total basket case over this. Her surgery was going so well and because of someone’s typing error my mom now could loose her life!

Just please say some strong prayers for her. I hope when I go back in the morning I see a miracle and my mom doing much better! I just can’t handle loosing her this way! I just can’t handle it!