They have confirmed 7 cases so far here

May 6, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Seven cases have been confirmed as swine flu. And many others are still pending results in NC. Pleasure to meet you here! Only have met one other in here from NC but don’t really know to many more. They did have a interview with A CEO that deals with the Mexicans here in NC It was on the NC Channel and called North Carolina Now! He was a Mexican Immigrant that came here in 1976. Very good interview and the man made alot of sense. Kind of gave his theory about it and I had the same theory too! So at least I am not the only one thinking about it! But they keep saying this is mild form and not what they had expected. But we have only for a short time started seeing this flu in our country and so far we have not seen it like in Mexico. Two deaths so far here though. I still say we are really a little too early and when it does get out of hand then we will actually see if they were right or wrong about the mildness of this new virus.
Maybe God will see to it that this virus doesn’t cause to many more problems and we won’t have to worry as much! Right now though I am still worried! But now going to say my peace about it except pray that is does not get out of hand.