They have a cancer treatment center close by

June 3, 2009 at 4:37 pm

Hi Andrew! They just recently opened up a Cancer Treatment Center close by that does Rituxan and other Infusions besides Cancer Treatment. But this time I am going to let the doctors know to find me the correct place. Think that is why they now have me going to Pitt in Greenville. Getting me ready to go in and get treatment.
By what the doctors have explained so far is that I have Lupus with CIDP. They think the Lupus is causing my form of CIDP but I did test positive for a Kamda Paraprotein. Or Lamda Paraprotein. Also have had a positive IGA in the past. They are waiting for another lab report to come back and then we go from there.
So really the only thing I know is that I just have CIDP. But I think the doctors are still checking me out This last doctor I saw said he wanted to see a new set of labs and then we will decide my fate! See him again on Monday and hope they start treatment soon! This stuff stinks!
They got me on prednisone but that just don’t seem to be working anymore! I am beginning to think it is making it worse!
Will keep you posted! But glad you have good news! I like seeing someone getting better! I hate seeing people get sick! I really do!
This may sound evil of me! But I see so many good people get sick! It’s seems like the good get sick and the bad people in the world get to live to see 90! Someone can go out and kill somebody and get thrown in prison for life making us taxpayers feed them, clothe them and everything else and that sucker will live to see 90 years old! Then you have this very sweet person out there that is so good and good to others and they get sick! And have to suffer in pain and agony!
I know that is not all the case but it just seems like it~ LOL!
Take care Andrew! Stay well!
Linda H