They found the first victom!

April 29, 2009 at 8:09 am

Saw it last night on TV. A little Mexican boy that lives at a hog farm. He caught it a month ago and the doctors didn’t know he had it causing the virus to go haywire and spreading like wild fire. They retested his blood because of his symptoms and sure enough he was the one that caused the outbreak.
I am worried because I have poor lungs. Bad Asthma and have mild COPD. So for me I am scared. Catching something like this for me would be very life threatening. Plus with all the other ailments I have that makes things even worse! I swear at times I feel like an old lady in her 90’s! And I am only half way there! They even said this will go on all summer and when the fall comes it may get worse. I think I will get the flu shot this time around. Even though it made me sick last time I had it, I would rather be safe then sorry! But then again I might be sorry after the vacine! We shall see! But taking precautions the best I can!