They cut my dose back 6 years ago!

October 8, 2008 at 5:43 pm

When I was living in PA they had me on 2.75mgs per day of Zanax and Ambien along with 300mgs 3 xday of Neurontin. I moved to NC and the first Rheumatologist I saw looked at my RX’s and told me that I could not have Zanax or Ambien without going to mental health first. He took the RX”s away from me. And the steroids too! My labs were normal and I didn’t need the drugs anymore! The man stripped me from those meds and you have to wean yourself off those drugs. I had a time! And he was a jerk doctor! The meds that helped me out he took away. Probably why I am so sick today!
I went to another doctor with my records and that doctor was a little better! He gave me .25 3xday but no more than that. I was on 2.75mgs a day. Big cut! Did put me back on Steroids and Neurontin. Just got back on Ambien. They placed me on Clonopin a year ago but still won’t give me the Zanax dosage I had years ago and you know what. That drug helped me function. Really did help me and I keep telling my doctors the same thing and they ignore me! Be careful switching doctors that’s all I got to say! I have been suffering ever since. But my endo did up the zanax to .50 mgs 3 times a day and it’s helping some.
I just don’t get it! You can put me on Zanax, take the Clonopin, take the Ambien, take the Neurontin and I can handle it! I could get rid of 3 drugs and take 1 drug at a high dose and do fine. They tried pushing Cymbalta on me and Effexor and Buspar. Crap! I was taking that Buspar every two hours and getting no results. I used that whole bottle they gave me in less that 3 days! I was miserable! Seems to be a little more dangerous don’t you think? Overdose on Buspar! Ever since Anna Nicole died of overdosage of too many RX’s but she also had a staff infection that killed her but because she was a drug addict we are all now labeled as such! It makes me mad as fire! For I saw what they did to me! I have told my doctors over and over again that antidepressants don’t work on me. I can’t take them! They just don’t work! I can’t Paxil or Zoloft and Remrom. Forget it! I tried them and they don’t work! Ohh that puts a bug up my butt!