There used to be a song by Pete Seeger?

May 3, 2010 at 11:14 pm

A noted folk singer and I’ve met him, he is a good person.
The song long ago, which was ‘Inch By Inch Row By Row, Gonna make the Flowers grow’.. etc. I like to think that it’s about taking time to let things happen as they should, if you help.
These things do come in snail paced increments. Mostly. Once in a while something ‘happens’? But most of it is in small things.. doing more, going better and being HUMAN in ways you think you’ve lost? You aren’t lost, simply slower than any expected ‘curve’ for performance. I hate those standards? But I am soo happy for Ryan! I know you’ve gone to bat and beyond for him, & I am hoping now with all my might that this is a ‘keeper’!
I somehow would like to believe that it WILL BE ONE! So there!
Please? If you can? Give him a hug for me for being so brave, even bold thru this all! Sometimes we do tend to get ‘cowed’ or humbled with all this…more than we should, or need to be, due to bad diagnoses.
You are proof that one can overcome the ‘system’ and actually succeed!
Wishing you and Ryan, and your family good things for the future! The sky is the limit! No? YES! – hugs.