There are two ways you can approach this?

October 25, 2010 at 7:53 pm

One is to do the whole ‘pre-meds’ route…. I’ve been up to 3 Benedryl AND 3 Tylenol as pre-meds for infusions. Now I’m down to 3 Benedryl b ut the infusions are at home, and I don’t have to [EEECK!] drive.
Second is to try the other IG products out there. Here is a list of IG products available according to IG Living Magazine [free] sponsored by the IG manufacturers to get good, useful and factual info to IG users: [url][/url] This mite give you the info you need?
I have also found that the day before and during infusion days? I eat some protiens, but lite ones and super-hydrate [including a Gatorade or two, PLUS water till you seem to slosh?] To enable your body to wash OUT all that the IVIG ‘overcomes’.
I’m usually either a lump, a semi-zombie or dramatically hungry after my final infusion! I sleep, then eat a bit of good protien and a balance other things [veggies and starches].
Don’t forget, in a way? The introduction of IVIG is to ‘override’ your malfunctioning antibodies….there is a sort of war going on in you.
Then after all that? Do keep in mind that many simply cannot tolerate IVIG! The #’s range from 30-60%! Then, realize our alternatives aren’t cheap or easy any which way we go!
If it were MY DOC? I’d try doing the ‘2 benedryl and 2 tylenol’ combo? Then adjust up one or down another and see what happens…. That’s what my doc did to me! And Yep!! Those head and body aches are NOT FUN!
Hope and maybe some laughter in your life soon!

PS? I put my foot down at FOUR of either Benedryl or Tylenol! That sort of ‘cure’ can hurt as much as the problem.