There are times when overtiring can make things worse?

November 27, 2009 at 6:56 pm

But as Kiwi Chick and others have said…in different ways? You really haveto/MUST learn about what your body is telling you. For me, now, after several years of CIDP, is that I can almost feel like I am going to have the cement set around my feet right before I do too much! My body is telling me? ENOUGH. So I stop what I’m doing and switch off to something else and find a place to sit down and regroup my whole self, so to say. I have almost now a physical activity/effort and places to regroup clock set in my mind every time I go out so I do stretch my efforts, but not to the point of aggravating those nerves, muscles or find myself in some situation I can’t get out of and home to rest. IF I exceed my efforts? I will pay for it for at least two days.
Since you can still get around fairly well? Think about some short-term ‘interval training’ kinds of things…small bits/spurts of efforts several times during any day. That way you don’t wear out as fast, and can build up toning and muscle. AND you aren’t stressing your muscles thus not nerves.
Those add up to a whole. But it takes a lot of discipline. For the long and short term. I hope this helps, truly.