There are options, but be careful….

November 18, 2010 at 7:06 pm

Naproxen used to be prescribed, now it’s OTC under the name ‘aleve’. It’s been very useful for me at times, but, I try not to take many OTC’s to confuse the meds mess I’m on now. Besides? IF I can hold on and take a tylenol only once a week, or a tramadol or the like? I KNOW it’ll really work when I really truly need it!
As for headaches? I often get whopping sinus headaches and I’ve found that ‘moist heat’ heating pads work [forget about how your hair looks tho!] Restrict to about 20 minutes on any area and then off that area…just move it around.
Also try these: URL [Bed Buddy sinus paks] I put mine in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds and IT’s HOT! Insulate with a towell and move around as needed. You could also try damp hand towells and micro them to above body temp [just a bit] and see how that works! Just don’t get carried away and burn yourself, please!
It’s not just the heat? Somehow moist heat goes thru the skin deeper and can be more effective. Double edged sword tho? As we can’t feel as we normally would, and can put ourselves at risk.
These methods are less ‘invasive’ than meds, but they also carry their own risks – such as: Don’t fall asleep w/a Moist-Heating pad on you!!!! Keep a timer handy so you won’t do damages.
My heart is with you! OWWW – You hurt everywhere else and now YOUR HEAD? Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!