There are many top neuro diagnostic hospitals around.

May 20, 2010 at 6:20 pm

Go web up ‘US News and World Report Top Hospitals’ and find the neurological hospitals highly rated…. If I can figger it out, anyone can! But, don’t exclude getting most of your testing done locally. I didn’t have to go to Mayo? I GOT all the testing I needed locally, but some blood and spinal work was sent off to Mayo. I simply lucked out and got good INFORMED docs willing to get to the root of my problems! It took over 16 months and a LOT of tests of all sorts? [from onset to diagnosis] But I never had to ‘leave town’. Mind you, I do live in a metro area not far from other metro areas tho. There IS a big difference in getting to docs to diagnose, because of where you live! Going not so far, might be less cost, and wear-tear on you and those who are helping you get to docs? Do keep that in mind. Also see if you can get a look at the key doc’s resumes? Then web up their names, you can get a grip of what they’re interested in and how they approach their ‘problems’ [meaning US]. IF you like what you read? You mite just be able to ‘connect’. That connection part is hard tho in a mass clinical situation? But candor, honesty, and frustration can help. Truly? GOOD LUCK!