There are different kinds of thyroid tests…

June 18, 2010 at 9:49 pm

A basic thyroid test that just picks up the general #?s, a basic T-3 & T-4 test which sorts out the two key thyroid #’s, a more detailed Free T-3 & Free T-4 test which is even more accurate. Lastly is the Autoimmune Free T-3 & T4 test- which will tell you if you are truly functionally hypothyroid [Hashimoto’s disease] or hyperthyroid [Grave’s disease]. Both once truly diagnosed can be treated, but the process of ‘trial and error’ [yes it’s like CIDP testing] takes a while, but it’s less complicated.
I had hypo thryroid issues long before I got the CIDP. It usually happens in women as they enter perimenopause and goes downhill from there. But, It also happens to men for unknown reasons. About 20 months after my CIDP onset I had a super hypothyroid issue and my thyroid supplement meds were adjusted a great deal. One year after that I was diagnosed w/Hashimoto’s = a dead thyroid. About 5 years before the CIDP I was checked for goiters, and they too were benign at THAT time. To confuse things further? I was going thru a breast cancer diagnosis the year before I got the Hashimoto’s diagnosis. I was fatigued on an off for a loong time! More so with the CIDP onset for sure!
Back up a bit tho…Could they all be related? Yes, maybe. Not? Yes, maybe. There are too many variables as to what we were tested for when and to what degree and we are not hot house flowers grown in controlled environments. The two issues could also have developed on their own completly independent of each other. As long as the goiters are benign? And you’re getting treatment for the thyroid? That’s an easy fix! The CIDP is another kettle of fish as all here can tell you. Just don’t give up! Keep asking questions… and researching on your own. We all are here to help! Again? DON’T GIVE UP!