There are cautions in the

August 11, 2008 at 6:05 pm

‘detailed prescription information’ for any and all brands of IVIG. They lower some #’s and up others.
I have learned from here, elsewhere and thru research that the absolute best time to have blood draws is the day BEFORE your next infusion. Ostentibly it’s when your IG #’s are lowest and you will likely be as close to ‘normal’ as possible.
A few months ago I had a series of blood tests for other issues and that specialist wanted the blood work NOW! I kept going but, [I]but,[I][/I][/I] [B]BUT?[B][/B][/B] your #’s will be skewed! He did not believe me. Well, they were sooo skewed that he actually read up on IVIG! And admitted that he had to do the many tests over because it all had to be blamed on the IG! OK….I’ve got all my other docs, GP and specialists trained in this respect…no new needles until the day BEFORE infusions! Ever, unless a life emergency and then expect distortions. It has taken years to train them all tho.
Also, don’t forget what meds that you are taking! They too can distort blood#’s and multiple meds plus IVIG can throw things outta kilter far more easily than you think.. Look up the ‘prescribing information’ for each med…then the common, less common and rare s/e’s and see which can ‘add up’ in combination. These are things that are not on those medicine cross-check web-sites because they are subtle and complicated due to the CIDP. It’s a whole different set of factors to consider.
I hope this helps and that you can get better tests in the future! We all want better tests overall I think!