There are almost 50 different meds other than neurontin for PN pains?

January 24, 2010 at 8:22 pm

But, each of US reacts to each of these meds differently!
I had to change neurologists and worked hard to go thru additional testing to get off of neurontin. It worked, but not pain wise? I was simply a mental and physical zombie sleeping for 18 hours a day in 1-2 hour snippets. None of it good sleep and the first neuro just kept UPPING the doseages! Until I first started to have hallucinations and seek extra help via second opinions.
Needless to say neurontin and I did NOT get along? But other meds helped after a trial and error period of some other meds. The whole experience is NOT fun? But necessary if you are aware of any meds’ side effects.
Once I’d found a med that worked? I could sleep and actually DREAM! Dreaming when in neuro distress is essential to healing, I believe and I’m not a ‘dream analysis’ kind of person. IF you can’t get a good sleep? [which includes dreaming?] you can’t heal as well.
By the way? When I went off pain meds after 5 years, I found I didn’t hurt any more or less. Except when I’d overdone things… for that I’ve ultracet or derivatives…. They only cut about 10% of the pains? But that’s enough to get by. Learn and hope! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for alternatives.