Theory on pregnacy and increase GBS risk

October 20, 2006 at 2:42 pm

I am a 28yr.old female on my first pregnacy. I am 20years out fron my gbs experience. I am writting due to a post that states that NIH (national institue of health) has shown a relationship between pregnancy and GBS. This is true but rare. The reason behind this is because the baby has its own blood/dna/antibodies/antigens that are separte from mom. Mom’s blood and baby’s blood rarely ever meet. The placenta exchanges o2/nutrition/waste but baby’s blood and mommys are seperate. Occasionally, this placenta/mom
barrier is breached and fetal cells cross over. These fetal cells are viewed as “not my cells” and can cause an immune response. This is the same reason that women have more autoimmune diseases then men, especially women who have had kids. I hope this helps people out. It is a relatively rare occurence but once you have had GBS, you realized that ‘relatively rare’ dosen’t me your 100% safe. I hope this helps everyone. Thanks for your time. Paula.:)