The Protocol.

November 4, 2010 at 10:24 pm

Carolyn, actually being a vegan has helped me nearly recover in 5 months. Since my body isn’t expending lots of energy digesting food it has extra time to repair itself. My quick recovery bears that out.

My naturalpath, Dr. Kopelson, was educated at New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY. He ordered about 30 blood tests, a urine test for heavy metals using DSMA and stool tests. The bloodwork in done and the only issue is lower than normal vitamin D, he had me up my dosage to 6000iu. In addition he has me taking a oral version of ivig called IgG2000 DF, Iodoral iodine/potassium Iodide, unrefined Pink Himalayan salt, restarting my Tai Chi again, avoiding all future vaccinations (depress the immune system)Selenium, L-glutamine, AHCC, Super K. He said I should not get vitamin c drips or peroxide infusions because of the cost and that my blood tests were so good. I’m also working with natural pathic RN MS, Luanne Pennsi. She is an associate of Dr. Gary Null phd in New York. He has me on a protocol of:
NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine, a high potency multi vitamin, Querceti n, B complex, Super Anti-oxidant formula, Garlic/cayenne, Calcium Magnesium zinc, L-carnitine, COQ10, Probiotic formula, Turmeric, Omega 3 epa dha, natural Vitamin E, melatonin at night, Reveratrol, Oregamax (for broncytis).
Instead of breakfast I’m to have a Protein Shake consisting of Protein Powder, Liquid aloe vera, berry concentrate, Red Chlorophyll powder, Vitamin C powder, Essential fatty acids udo’s choice and cod liver oil, Bee propolis, Lecithin, L-Gutamin and some of all the vitamins in the paragraph above all ground up Coconut milk and water.
At 3:pm, I will have a Green Juice of Green juice powder, Liquid Aloe, Vitamin C powder, Chlorella, with water and coconut milk.
In the evening I’ll have a Fiber Shake with Fiber powder, Celtic Sea Salt, Red Chlorophyll, Vitamin C powder, St. Johns wort, Coconut milk with water.
The green juice and fiber shakes will also have the supplements mixed in. The only two that will be taken on an empty stomach are, ALA, Acetyle L-carnitine and the omega 3 epa dha.