The Mummy

May 21, 2009 at 2:22 pm

Ok we go..hold onto your hats. (lol). Liz and I decided we were going to do the typical touristy type things, sooooo, off to Universal Studios we went. Of course being a typical florida day it poured down rain but that wasn’t going to stop this fearless couple. We did a couple of attractions and came upon one called “Revenge of the Mummy”. There was a “Hawker” that had an elderly couple with her and she told us that Liz would be able to stay in her wheelchair and would be on a platform to enjoy the attraction. So you guessed it, off we went to wait in line. After finally arriving at the ride platform we both looked at each other with definite fear in our eyes and realized this looks an awful lot like a roller coaster. Of course Liz had mentioned several times that maybe we should turn back but being the gullible unsuspecting person that I am I convinced her to keep going. Well as soon as we saw the ride we asked the conductor if she could stay in her wheelchair or would she have to transfer, naturally he said she had to transfer. Now being the unsuspecting people that we were and neither of us wanting to cause a problem we went ahead and let them convince us to go on the ride. WOW, what a huge mistake. As soon as it took off I think Liz started screaming and never stopped, I heard several eeeeekkks..and one “Oh My God” and yep it was Liz. In between squeezing my eyes shut as tight as I could I would peek over at Liz and there was a look of pure terror. I was trying to hold her hand but she had gripped the bar in front of her so tightly that I couldn’t get ahold. I was trying to hold on so I would know when she flew up and out of the seat. Eventually I heard someone say “it’s over” and yep we believed them, but oh no….of course they were wrong. And there we went again, screams echoing in my ears. When the ride came to a stop I looked at Liz and she was shaking all over and mumbling something incoherently and she was saying “I think I’m gonna throw up”. We had to sit there for a few minutes because our legs were like wet noodles. After several minutes we were able to get out of the car and we raced to the exit. As we were exiting the ride we noticed the elderly couple that the “hawker” had convinced to also ride. She was standing there with them and they were calling the medics to come and check him out. He was 80 years old and looked worse than we did. Later we were able to laugh about it and we did see the elderly couple thruout the day so we know they also survived “THE REVENGE OF THE MUMMY”. As we went on the little childrens ride “ET” the ride conductor there told us we had ridden the most wild ride in the park and he couldn’t believe we did it..and guess what…NEITHER CAN WE !!!!! 😀