The man who lost his pants

June 8, 2008 at 11:27 am

The things that make me feel better are usually unscheduled.

Like yesterday: I made my way downstairs on my butt to reprogram our water sprinkler/drip system. After that I decided to watch the last two episodes of Star Trek. It was on an old-fashioned laserdisc the size of an LP, still unopened. It was pretty cool to watch it on a large flatscreen. I used to love this show, never missed an episode.

Afterwards we had quite a laugh. I was slowly working my way up holding onto the hand rail with both hands when my pants slowly started sliding down. I could not let go to pull them up because I would have lost my balance otherwise. So I just kept going, my pants sliding lower and lower. I called for help. Carol came and lo and behold, my nosy MIL who is visiting from OK, rushed to the top of the steps to watch the spectacle. It clarified for her once and for all whether I was wearing boxers or briefs. I kept hoping that the boxers I was wearing wouldn’t gape open too much. 😮