The list.

July 2, 2008 at 2:00 am

I’m just north of the San Fernando Valley. Your post definitely made me think twice about that numbness, and I’ve been having lots of pain in my hands and feet as well as my usual headache, so if it is CIDP I think I am having an attack right now. I’m going to call that new neuro. first thing in the morning and explain that I think it’s absolutely urgent that I be seen asap.

My history of symptoms, in order of appearance:

Facial headaches (around the eyes)
Coldness, like ice water, in my legs
Pain in my wrists, much like carpal tunnel
Transient double vision
Numbness and tingling in fingers
Tingling in toes
Weakness/difficulty walking
Drooping eyelid/pain in corner of eye
Eyes unevenly dilated (for three months, but relieved with neurontin)
Full arm numbness in right arm
Tremor in right hand and jaw (pretty consistent)
Aching in both arms (every day)
Stiffness in hands
Aching in feet/ankles
Burning pain in legs
Sharp pains, like broken glass, in my hands
Buzzing sensations in my hands
Pain in hips/shoulders
Chest pain and difficulty breathing
Numbness in my tongue and the roof of my mouth

As soon as I can get in, I’m going to insist on the EMG. Why it hasn’t been done yet, I do not know. They did an MRI with contrast of the brain and no lesions appeared so yeah, probably not the transverse myelitis. How quickly will they want to give me the IVIg if the EMG comes back positive?? Would it be a good idea to get it before I know for sure? And should I eat in front of someone so I don’t choke? Lol I honestly don’t know I hope that’s not a stupid question 🙂